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SMC Shipping Services is specialized in domestic & international Express Courier, Freight forwarding and Ocean/Air cargo services.

SMC Shipping Services has established in 2001. Since then, we have become a reliable and cost effective shipping services provider for domestic, International logistics and supply chain management. Our goal is simple, to help you save time and money on all your shipping’s.

Thanks to our location, we have immediate access to a fast transportation network including air, ocean, rail and ground. Our office allows us to receive, consolidate, store and ship your freight safely. We can exclusively handle all of your shipping needs. Excellence in customer service is our top priority. With us, you are assured quality performance with every move.

The SMC Way!


With our competitive shipping rates you can have more time for improving your business and less time searching for a good service and price for your shipments needs. We are committed to supporting you with the best service and rates for all your documents, packages or freight.

  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    Safe, fast and exact delivery of the quality demanded, that’s what it’s all about. You can count on us! We are available any time, day or night. You can plan delivery schedules with confidence, knowing that you can rely on the fastest possible service. When greater speed is required, we always have the solution!

  • Safety & Compliance

    You can rest assured knowing that your package is under our care. We ensure from end to end that we follow our processes that is guided by safety and compliance giving you top service with ease.

Need help?


We want to ensure you get the assistance you need at your fingertips. Please see our frequently asked questions below. Don't hesitate to let us know if you need further assistance by contacting us.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

No, there is no sign-up fee, and no credit card required at sign up. We offer a Standard membership that is completely free. Our Premium membership is an additional level of service and has monthly or annual payment options.

When can I start using your service?

Immediately. Once you signup, you are given a U.S. address. You can use this address when checking out at any online retailer and send your first package our way.

What U.S. address will I be provided?

You will be given a unique suite number that will be the same across all our warehouses. Our free Standard membership gives you a default address for our Florida and Montego Bay warehouses which offers the longest storage duration.

How does your service work?

Shop Online: Use your new SMC Shipping address as your shipping address for your online purchases. Packages Arrive at Our Facility: You'll be notified via email when your package arrives in our warehouse. Fill out the necessary details: Be sure to fill out our pre-alert form on our website and upload the invoice so we can determine the value of the goods. Pick-up your Package: From our website, fill out the SMC Pick-Up form to let us know when to expect you so that we can have your package ready to go.

What payment methods do you offer?

The payment methods we offer may vary depending on your location. We accept payments via major credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer, Bank Deposits and Cash.

Where do I find my SMC Shipping address?

When you successfully registered, the system will generate and show you a confirmation message with the your SMC Shipping US address and Unique ID.

Can I receive packages under another name?

Yes, you can receive packages under more than one name. However, you must add each name to your account for us to properly identify the package and place it into the right suite and name.

Why is my account on hold?

There are several reasons why your account might be on hold. Please contact us through our contact us page so we can better assist you with your account status.


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